CRM and Marketing Automation

CRM and Marketing Automation

Enhance communication efficiency with your customers

Staying connected with your prospects and customers is vital for your marketing strategy. We understand the importance of optimizing resources. Our CRM and automated marketing service seamlessly integrate both needs. We assist in selecting and configuring the essential tools to streamline your processes. As a certified HubSpot Solutions Provider, we specialize in lead acquisition and management, utilizing industry-leading software.

Did you know that marketing automation can reduce marketing overhead by up to 12%?

Lead flow automation

The initial step involves selecting the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that best fits your business. Integration between your marketing and sales teams becomes significantly faster when both groups utilize a shared tool for lead allocation, scoring, and assignment within the pipeline.

To enhance your strategy’s effectiveness, we offer assistance with lead scoring and tracking actions that assess various onsite activities of your web users. This enables you to promptly identify “hot” leads that require immediate attention. Additionally, you can consolidate incoming leads from various performance campaigns (ads, emails, social media) and deliver personalized responses, greatly enhancing your conversion rates.

Some of the services we offer related to automated marketing:

CRM selection and setup

Marketing funnel automation

Lead nurturing

Lead scoring

Automated email marketing

Landing page creation

How do we do it?

At GTI Digital, we are passionate advocates of automation. Why spend time on mundane tasks that can be automated?

Through marketing automation, clients reclaim valuable time previously lost to repetitive tasks. More importantly, they uncover new avenues for growth, lead generation, lead nurturing, and data management.

Experience the advantages of automation today and concentrate on what truly drives your business: growth.



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