Influencer & Outreach

Influencer & Outreach

Add a human touch to your brand to boost interaction

Outreach marketing allows brands to connect with customers on a personal level, increasing visibility on social networks and effectively communicating their core values. When combined with an influencer marketing strategy, the impact can be significant.

49% of consumers trust influencers' recommendations as much as they trust recommendations from friends

The difference is in the details

At GTI Digital, we guide you through every step to ensure your digital marketing strategy succeeds. Before engaging with bloggers or influencers, we collaborate with you to:

  • Identify key areas and subjects of interest for your business.
  • Determine the communication style and brand image that best represents you.
  • Select the most relevant channels (Instagram, YouTube, website, etc.).
  • Define demographic details of communities aligned with your brand.

Once this initial assessment is complete, we proceed to identify potential partners who are ideal as brand ambassadors or regular collaborators. Our influencer research combines manual and automated methods to track social profiles and websites. This approach helps us gauge reach, online reputation, posting frequency, and engagement levels of potential contributors.

We also assess the SEO authority of their blogs or websites and analyze the tone of their communications. Additionally, we investigate past collaborations with other brands and determine the optimal approach for contacting them.

The outreach services we offer include:

Identification of your company’s outreach needs

Influencer and outreach strategy

Influencer research

Contacting and drafting partnership agreements with influencers

Measuring results

Branded content advertising

We are experts in outreach marketing

To streamline the process for you, GTI Digital can handle initial contact with your chosen influencers. We introduce them to your company, outline collaboration terms, and negotiate agreements on your behalf. Our success hinges on effective communication and expectation management to ensure smooth relationships.

Additionally, we offer support for branded promotions on social media, including branded content advertising on your influencer’s profile. Being close to your audience often means partnering with their favorite content creators.



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