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A chatbot is an excellent customer service tool that can address frequent queries, even after hours. This messaging program mimics human conversations using artificial intelligence. Additionally, it automatically collects user information, enhancing your lead generation and upselling efforts around the clock.

A chatbot can reduce your operational costs by up to 30%

Your personalized conversational bot

First, we assess your situation: What types of profiles contact you? Are there recurring queries and doubts? What data do you need from these users? Where do you send this information, and what do you do with it afterward? What repetitive customer-facing tasks do your staff consistently perform?

A chatbot automates these interactions, saving time for your team and providing users with instant responses instead of having them search for answers.

At GTI Digital, we help you create a chat flow with potential questions, answers, and structure using the best tool for your needs (HubSpot, Zendesk, Intercom, etc.) and integrate it with your CRM. We ensure all chatbots comply with privacy, data management, and AI technology disclosure laws and regulations specific to your markets.

Finally, we aim for a natural language tone that aligns with your business personality.

Some of our chatbot services:

Customer service

Customer journey analysis

Chatbot flow development

Chatbot tool selection

Chatbot setup and on-going maintenance

Data connection management

Non-personal dashboard data integration

Privacy, data usage and AI disclosure recommendations

We understand automation

On your website, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp Business, this technology enhances your marketing strategy and helps you better understand your users’ needs.

As a 100% digital agency, we assist companies daily in streamlining processes and making data-driven decisions. Provide your customers and prospects with an effective, responsive, and engaging communication channel to elevate your brand.



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